A Walk Among The Tombstones Parents Guide

A Walk Among The Tombstones Parents Guide

The parents guide for a walk among the tombstones provides accurate and concise information for parents. We will provide a well-rounded introduction to the film, covering various aspects of its content and potential concerns for parents.

A walk among the tombstones is a crime thriller film directed by scott frank and based on the novel of the same name by lawrence block. The story follows matthew scudder, a former nypd detective turned private investigator, as he is hired to help a drug dealer find the people responsible for the kidnapping and murder of his wife.

The film is rated r for strong violence, sexual content, and language throughout. It contains several intense and graphic scenes, including depictions of drug use, abduction, and murder. Parents should exercise caution when considering allowing their children to watch this film due to its mature and disturbing content. However, for adult viewers who enjoy dark and gritty crime dramas, a walk among the tombstones offers a suspenseful and well-crafted storyline.

A Walk Among The Tombstones Parents Guide

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Understanding The Movie Rating

A walk among the tombstones is an intense crime thriller that can leave a lasting impact on viewers. To fully comprehend the movie’s suitability for different audiences, it is essential to understand the movie rating. Here, we will dive into the explanation of movie rating systems, how the movie rating applies to “a walk among the tombstones,” and the recommended age and appropriateness for different audiences.

Explanation Of Movie Rating Systems:

  • Movie ratings provide guidance to audiences, helping them make informed decisions about the suitability of a film for themselves and their children. Here’s a breakdown of the commonly used movie rating systems:
  • G (general audiences): Movies with a g rating are suitable for all audiences, including children. They contain no content that could be deemed offensive or disturbing.
  • Pg (parental guidance): Movies with a pg rating suggest that some material may not be suitable for younger children. Parents should provide guidance and may want to watch the movie with their children.
  • Pg-13 (parents strongly cautioned): Movies rated pg-13 may be inappropriate for children under 13. Parents are urged to exercise caution, as some content may be unsuitable for younger viewers.
  • R (restricted): Movies with an r rating contain adult material and are restricted to viewers who are 17 years or older. Parents are advised to accompany young viewers and consider the mature content.
  • Nc-17 (no one 17 and under admitted): Movies rated nc-17 are meant for adult audiences only. These films contain explicit content that is not suitable for minors.

How The Movie Rating Applies To “A Walk Among The Tombstones”:

  • “a walk among the tombstones” carries an r rating, indicating that it may contain elements that are not suitable for viewers under 17 years old. It is important to consider the following points regarding the rating’s applicability to the movie:
  • Graphic violence: The movie contains intense and graphic violence, including depictions of crime scenes, brutality, and bloody situations.
  • Strong language: There is the use of strong language throughout the film, including profanity and vulgar dialogue.
  • Disturbing content: Some scenes may be emotionally disturbing, as the movie explores themes of kidnapping, murder, and the darker side of human nature.

Recommended Age And Appropriateness For Different Audiences:

  • Given the movie’s rating and the content it portrays, it is advised that viewers exercise caution and consider the following recommendations:
  • Adults: “a walk among the tombstones” is suitable for adult audiences who appreciate crime thrillers and can handle intense and violent scenes. It provides a gripping narrative and showcases compelling performances.
  • Parental guidance: Parents who find the genre and storyline intriguing can watch the movie with their mature teenagers (17 years and older) and engage in discussions about the depicted violence and mature themes.
  • Inappropriate for younger audiences: The movie contains content that may be too intense, violent, or disturbing for younger viewers. It is recommended to keep children under the age of 17 away from this film.

Remember, understanding the movie rating helps ensure an appropriate viewing experience that aligns with individual preferences and sensibilities. “a walk among the tombstones” may resonate with adult audiences seeking thrilling and gritty crime stories, but it is essential to consider the potential impact on younger viewers and exercise parental guidance accordingly.

Themes And Content

A Walk Among The Tombstones Parents Guide

A walk among the tombstones is a gripping thriller that explores dark and intense themes, while presenting captivating content that might be of concern to parents. This section will provide an overview of the important aspects to consider when it comes to the themes and content portrayed in the movie.

Depiction Of Violence And Intensity:

  • The movie contains frequent and realistic scenes of violence, including intense physical confrontations, shootings, and vicious acts committed by criminals.
  • The violence depicted can be disturbing and graphic at times, with blood, injuries, and the aftermath of violent acts shown in detail.
  • The intense and suspenseful atmosphere can further enhance the impact of these violent scenes, creating a heightened sense of tension throughout the movie.

The Use Of Language And Profanity:

  • The characters in a walk among the tombstones frequently use strong language and profanity throughout the movie.
  • Profanity and offensive language are present in dialogue exchanges, adding a raw and realistic dimension to the interactions between characters.
  • The use of such language may be inappropriate for younger or more sensitive audiences, and parents should consider this before allowing their children to watch the movie.

Exploration Of Sensitive Topics:

  • The movie delves into sensitive and dark themes, including kidnapping, murder, human trafficking, and drug-related crimes.
  • These topics are explored with a serious and realistic approach, aiming to portray the harsh realities of criminal activities rather than glorify them.
  • The emotional weight and intensity associated with these sensitive subjects may be unsettling for some viewers, particularly younger audiences.

Discussion Of Drugs Or Substance Abuse:

  • A walk among the tombstones includes scenes and discussions involving drug use and substance abuse.
  • The movie explores the consequences and impact of drug-related crimes, highlighting the dangers associated with the drug trade and its damaging effects on individuals and communities.
  • These elements may be considered unsuitable for younger viewers due to the mature nature of the content.

A walk among the tombstones tackles intense themes, features frequent violence, strong language, and explores sensitive topics. Parents should assess these aspects to determine whether the movie is suitable for their children, considering factors such as age, maturity, and individual sensitivities.

Parental Guidance For Viewing

As a parent, it’s important to guide your children’s viewing experiences and ensure they are exposed to age-appropriate content. When it comes to movies like “a walk among the tombstones,” which contains intense and violent scenes, it’s essential to have open discussions and make informed decisions.

This section will provide you with tips and suggestions on discussing the movie with your children, preparing them for intense or violent scenes, and determining the appropriate age range and parental discretion.

Tips For Discussing The Movie With Children:

  • Initiate a conversation: Take the opportunity to talk to your children about their interests and gauge their readiness for a movie like “a walk among the tombstones.”
  • Ask open-ended questions: Encourage your children to express their thoughts and feelings about the movie, promoting dialogue and understanding.
  • Be an active listener: Give your children the space to share their opinions and concerns, allowing you to address any potential anxieties they may have.
  • Highlight the difference between fiction and reality: Emphasize the fact that movies are works of fiction and not reflective of real-life situations.
  • Encourage critical thinking: Prompt your children to analyze the movie’s themes, characters, and choices made by the protagonist, promoting critical thinking skills.

Preparing Children For Intense Or Violent Scenes:

  • Choose an appropriate time and place: Select a comfortable environment where your children feel safe and secure.
  • Provide a brief synopsis: Give your children a general understanding of the movie’s plot without revealing any spoilers or graphic details.
  • Discuss potential intense scenes: Forewarn them about possible intense or violent scenes they might encounter, ensuring they are mentally prepared for what they may see.
  • Highlight positive messages: Emphasize any positive values or moral lessons conveyed by the movie’s narrative, fostering a balanced viewpoint.
  • Establish a safe word or signal: Establish a signal your children can use if they feel uncomfortable during the movie, allowing them to pause or discuss any concerns with you.

Suggested Age Range And Parental Discretion:

  • Recommended age range: The movie “a walk among the tombstones” is recommended for teenagers aged 16 and above due to its intense and violent content.
  • Parental discretion advised: For viewers below the recommended age range, each child’s maturity level and their ability to handle intense or violent scenes should be considered. Parents or guardians should make a judgment call based on their individual child’s sensitivity and readiness.

Balancing Entertainment With Age-Appropriate Content:

  • Set boundaries: Establish clear guidelines and restrictions regarding the type of movies your children can watch, taking their age, maturity, and personal preferences into account.
  • Opt for parental control features: Utilize parental control features on streaming platforms or dvd players to limit access to age-inappropriate content.
  • Encourage diverse viewing: Encourage your children to explore a variety of movie genres suited to their age group, providing them with a well-rounded entertainment experience.
  • Watch movies together: Sharing the movie-watching experience with your children allows you to monitor their reactions and engage in discussions about potentially challenging or conflicting content.

Remember, ultimately it’s the parents’ responsibility to make informed decisions about their children’s viewing experiences. By maintaining open lines of communication, preparing your children for intense scenes, and considering appropriate age ranges, you can help ensure a positive movie-watching experience for your family.

Frequently Asked Questions Of A Walk Among The Tombstones Parents Guide

What Is The Rating For ‘A Walk Among The Tombstones’?

The movie ‘a walk among the tombstones’ is rated r for strong violence and language throughout.

Is ‘A Walk Among The Tombstones’ A Horror Film?

No, ‘a walk among the tombstones’ is not a horror film. It is a crime thriller.

Who Are The Main Actors In ‘A Walk Among The Tombstones’?

The main actors in ‘a walk among the tombstones’ are liam neeson and dan stevens.

Is ‘A Walk Among The Tombstones’ Based On A Book?

Yes, ‘a walk among the tombstones’ is based on a novel of the same name by lawrence block.

Can Children Watch ‘A Walk Among The Tombstones’?

Due to its strong violence and language, ‘a walk among the tombstones’ is not suitable for children.


The “a walk among the tombstones parents guide” provides a comprehensive overview of the movie, highlighting its content and suitability for different age groups. Through this guide, parents can make informed decisions about whether the film is appropriate for their children.

It sheds light on the mature themes, violence, and profanity that are present throughout the movie. The guide emphasizes the importance of parental discretion and discusses the portrayal of sensitive topics such as drug abuse and human trafficking. By understanding these aspects, parents can better assess whether their children are ready to watch the film and engage in valuable conversations that arise from it.

Ultimately, this parents guide aims to assist families in navigating the content of “a walk among the tombstones” and ensure a positive viewing experience for all.

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